Eat and Drink in Maastricht

Maastricht is also a city of indulgence and culinary highlights. There are pleasant lunchrooms, Michelin-starred restaurants, vineyard farms and an extensive range of excellent regional products and dishes. In short, ‘bons vivants’ should not miss out on Maastricht! One of the great highlights of visiting Maastricht will be the opportunity of trying the best Dutch vines, produced locally in the vineyards of Maastricht.


Beluga in Maastricht

Welcome to a world of tastes, aromas and hospitality. Enjoy high-level food in a pleasant and casual environment at Beluga. Make life lasting memories and share them with your close ones!
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Ca Na Toneta

Ca Na Toneta in Maastricht

Ca Na Toneta welcomes you warmly at their unique location on the authentic market in Maastricht. The restaurant offers traditional Spanish and Italian specialties that will make immerse yourself in a Mediterranean atmosphere.
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Harrys Restaurant

Harrys Restaurant in Maastricht

Harry’s Restaurant offer a variety of rooms suited for large or small groups and events. You will be met by an extremely pleasant environment, exceptional food and welcoming staff members!
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SOFA Restaurant and Bar

SOFA Restaurant and Bar in Maastricht

Sofa restaurant in Maastricht is a splendid place to enjoy a trendy atmosphere in their brasserie, bar, restaurant or terrace. In a quiet environment where the beautiful nature and the city come together and form a whole.
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Tokyoto in Maastricht

On the pleasant Maasboulevard with a view of the Sint Servaasbrug you will find the best sushi and grill restaurant in Maastricht. In traditional Japanese atmosphere you will be welcomed and accompanied to your table after which you can enjoy fantastic dishes without restriction.
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