Gyms and Fitness Clubs in Maastricht

Research shows that people who exercise regularly are happier through the production of 'feel-good' hormones. They are more relaxed, more energetic, have more self-confidence and sleep better. Along with the psychological and mental benefits, keeping fit prolongs your life and maintains your organs healthy. Visit the great gym facilities that Maastricht has to offer. Most of them offer daily and other short-term options for passes making it ideal for travelers.


BodyVision in Maastricht

The professional and experienced team of Bodyvision Sportcenter together with you ensures that sports become enjoyable. In a personal atmosphere, with professional guidance they will take care of you!
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CrossFit Batteraof

CrossFit Batteraof in Maastricht

Want to get fit and have a healthy lifestyle? Ready for a new challenge? Join CrossFit Batteraof in Maastricht. The gym offers free introductory sessions for beginners. They also have programs for advanced and beginner individuals.
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Fit & Move

Fit and Move in Maastricht

Fit & Move is a dynamic fitness where becoming more fit and exercise are central. They stand for quality with the sharpest price and all this for a broad audience. This means that you are training on devices of the A-brand Technogym or following a group lesson under expert counselling.
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